Pro’s and Con’s of STAAR

Abby Maynor, Staff reporter

STAAR tests; the test that proves if students can continue on to the next grade. Students dread taking these tests because of how much stress it puts on everyone and just taking a standardized test in general. Just by missing one question, that can hold a student back to retake the grade.

Even though most STAAR tests are challenging, some can easily be done. “STAAR testing is boring to me, but it was fast and easy. I was one of the first people to get done so I had to wait for a few hours,’’ said Bailey Hinkle, 8th grader. Some say just waiting after finishing the test to be over is the hardest part of taking STAAR tests.

Just watching the big hand on the clock tick can be stressful sometimes.“Waiting for the time to be over is hard because I can’t do anything except read or sleep and I get hungry. Also because I’m worried about how I did and how this test could affect my future,” said Erynn Sanders, 7th grader.

Waiting for the time period to be over may be hard for students, but teachers have to wait a full 4 hours. “When students are taking tests I keep busy by handing out dictionaries, sharpening pencils, and keeping track of who goes to the bathroom,” said Mrs.Rodriguez, 7th grade teacher. Although most students do not like taking the tests, they are pretty important. They decide if we move on to the next grade, and help us improve for future tests.

“I think they’re important because no matter what field you choose, you’re going to have to take tests,” said Mrs.Rodriguez. On the other hand, some students think differently.“I actually don’t think the tests are important. Because the teachers,etc, could just look at our grades to see if we’re passing and to see if we should go onto the next grade,” said Hinkle.

Social studies and math are the most common with students when it comes to the hardest STAAR test because of the things students have to remember. “Social studies is the hardest STAAR test for me because I can’t remember most of the information that we learned in the beginning of the year,” said Hinkle.

STAAR tests do have their ups and downs, but are very important to take because it’s the reason you move on to the next grade. Sleeping well and eating before the STAAR test can result in a good grade on the STAAR test.