4 minute passing period isn’t enough time

Lourdes Segura, staff reporter

In Dobie Jr. High the staff has made the passing periods three to four minutes long. The principals thought because we stand around in the halls we don’t need all five minutes to go to class to class. Well they are wrong. Students everyday need time to stretch and get some of their energy out after class. After our fifty and fifty five minute classes, the least we should get is five minutes to talk with our friends and and do things we need to do.

After class many many kids need things to do such as call their mom or dad, get a pass from a teacher, ask a teacher a question and so on. With kids not knowing when the bell is going to ring that doesn’t give them the opportunity to take care of things. A lot of kids hate being late to their classes and would do anything to get there on time. Changing the passing period time is not fair to the kids who use the passing periods wisely. “Our school is too big for the passing periods to be so short,” said Arianna Baldwin, 7th grader.

After classes kids need to use the bathroom so they feel rushed after class to go so they won’t be late to their class. Most people don’t like to be rushed in the restroom. Three to four minutes is way too short for a passing period and it should not be a thing.

The whole point of changing the passing period time was so we can go to class faster and won’t be late. Before when the passing period was five minutes no one was late. The staff was tired of seeing kids run to class so they won’t be late. They still made it on time. “There was absolutely no point in changing the passing period,” said Kenedi Johnson, 7th grader.





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