Students react to new bell schedule

Students react to new bell schedule

Andrew G, Staff Reporter

On March 9 during second period announcements, Mr. Jackson, regarding some issues, told the school. “From here out, there will be a change for the bells, they will now be 4 minutes passing periods…” said Mr. Jackson. He also stated that the teachers are going to start being more strict with attendance.

His announcement continued. Mr. Jackson said, “We are making this change some students are hanging out in the cafeteria talking to your buddies… There will be no more of this.” Too many students were not getting on time.

For most students, this is very bad news.  “I have to go from up stair A wing all the way to D wing,” said Westly Mann, 7th Grader.

A lot of student don’t have good feelings towards it.  “It is the worst! This is just wrong because too short.” said Mann. Some students think that Mr. Jackson too harsh. “Its is too strict!” said Mann.

Other students who do their business in the passing period have been seeing some difficulty with the change. “I can’t use the bathroom and make it to my next class before the bell,” said James Myers, 7th Grader. “And I get tardy!”

The teachers have been questioning Mr. Jackson’s decision. “I’ve never seen anything like this before, it is actually kinda’ harsh,” said  Mrs. Clarkson, 8th Grade/PRE AP Math teacher. “This has happened before but not like this.” The possibility of this going back is uncertain. “I just hope that he doesn’t lower it anymore,” said Myers.