Student Spotlight: Brooklyn Moore

The Life Story of a Possible Future Actress


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Brooklyn Moore in the Wizard of Oz.

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Every person has a life story. Some people have big dreams, while others have traveled across the world. These experiences are what makes people who they are today.

Brooklyn Moore, 8th grader, is one of the many people that can relate to travelling and having a dream of her own she hopes to achieve one day.

Moore is a military child whose dad is a retired Army medic and her mom is a yoga instructor, photographer, artist, and most importantly a mom. Brooklyn and her family have traveled throughout the United States and to Europe. Although she enjoyed travelling throughout the U.S., she claims her favorite place was Germany.

She lived in Germany for three years. “I loved every minute of it. It was amazing and I was upset when I had to come back to America,” said Moore.

On her journey, she had her three siblings with her having the same experience. “My family is very loving. I have three crazy siblings: Owen, Hudson, and Brighton. They are a pain, but I love them,” Moore said.

After her Permanent Change of Station (PCS), and moving from school to school, she began to take theatre classes, studying the history and learning acting techniques. She began to fall in love with acting.

“The most significant thing that has impacted my life is acting because it has changed my whole perspective of life and helped me with my confidence,” said Moore.

She stated at the age of 5, performing her first play. “I have been told that I used to do my own show,” Moore said.

She’s not just interested in Theatre alone; she’s working on getting into musical theatre. Moore dreams of being on Broadway in New York. Being on Broadway requires the knowledge of acting, the moves for dancing, and the vocals for singing. “I won queen of Utah for dance in 2010,” Moore said.

On the road of achieving her dream, she intends to attend one of the top best acting schools. “I plan on moving to New York on the day I graduate and attend the New York Academy of Dramatic Arts college,” Moore said. She is auditioning for NESA this summer for high school.

NESA, North East School of Arts high school, auditions requires an application, a planned and practiced monologue, a prepared song from a play, and the skill to remember steps for a dance number.

Look out! A future actress is attending Dobie. She may be on TV or her name might be on billboards and advertisements.