OFI’s offer real consequences for girl athletes


Girls do stretching exercises during athletics. Athletes know they are subject to OFI’s.

Kaitlyn Henderson, Staff reporter

There are electives to choose from at Dobie Junior High. There is theater, woodshop, Spanish, journalism, athletics, choir, orchestra, tech apps, art, and career portals. Depending on what you take, there are certain ways you’re expected to behave. In art, woodshop, and theater, you can be goofy at times, but when it comes to work you’ve got to be serious. In athletics, you’re expected to behave in and out of that class.

In athletics, it’s no different. You are expected to keep good grades, be respectful, do your work, and do the exercises when told. If you fail to do these things, you may have to do something called an OFI, opportunity for improvement. When girls get an OFI, they must do exercises as consequences for getting in trouble, missing class work, having low grades or other reasons.

Madison Cook and Kimora Ironshield, 7th graders, say they have had to do OFI’s many times.

One thing you can get OFI’s for is having low grades. “People with failing grades have to do bear crawls down and back twice, sprints down and back twice, one-legged hops down and back twice, sprints down and back twice again, crab walks down and back twice, sprints down and back twice again, 25 jumping jacks, then 10 burpees,” Cook said. They have everyone do OFI’s for failing grades a week after progress reports or report cards come out.

Another thing you can get OFI’s for is being rude or disrespectful to a teacher. “If you are rude to a teacher you have to push towels,” said Cook. The coaches decide how many you do, depending on what you did.

If you are late to athletics, you have to do OFI’s as well. “You have to push towels across the gym floor back and forth three times,” Cook said. “It’s where you grab a towel and put it on the floor and push it all the way across the gym. You are on your hands.”

If the girls leave the locker room dirty, then everyone has to do OFI’s. “If we leave the locker room dirty, they may make us do one minutes planks, 10 burpees, then mountain climbers,” said Cook.

How often you have to do OFI’s depends on how often you get in trouble. “I had to do OFI’s this morning, we weren’t doing the jump ropes right, so we had to do them,” said Ironshield. OFI’s can last anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes to the whole class period.

Students who behave well and do what they’re told shouldn’t have to worry about doing OFI’s. But the more students get in trouble, the more intense their workout will be.