Student Spotlight: Jessica Folsom

Delaney Costello, Staff Reporter

Jessica Folsom was born on January 8, 2003. Folsom has been through a lot in her life but she’s always kept a smile on her face. Folsom has friends that love her and family that’s always there for her.

Folsom has made many friends over her life. “A few of my best friends include Aeris Gee, Delaney Costello, and a few others,” said Folsom.

Folsom said she would describe her childhood as odd, and short. “I grew up in a very odd household, which I find ironic since I’m, the most normal but all the weirdness I was surrounded by just made my childhood seem significantly shorter,” said Folsom.

Folsom has always had an interest in art. Folsom said that she drew on almost all of her homework assignments. “I’m proud of the fact that I can draw since I’ve worked a lot to be able to draw well,” said Folsom.

There are many things Folsom isn’t proud of. Folsom said that she has had 3 relationships and she always ends up hurting when they break up. “I’m not proud of falling in love, because I always end up getting hurt,” said Folsom.

Folsom has 3 siblings; Wyatt, Alys, and Wesley. Folsom said she fights with Wyatt and Alys a lot.  “I got into a fight with Wyatt last week about orientation,” said Folsom.

Many different people have different opinions on Folsom. “I think that Jessica is a very unique and talented individual and she has a very bright future ahead of her,” said Alexis Garcia, 8th grader.  “I don’t know Jessica that well but she seems like a really nice person,” said M’Kenzie Daniels, 8th grader.

Folsom has a few talents. Folsom said her talents include singing and drawing. “I was in choir last year but I decided to take a break for 8th grade,” said Folsom.

Folsom has had many journeys in the short time she’s been alive and she’ll continue to do more as she grows. “ I wanna be a teacher when I grow up,” said Folsom.