Dobie track and field’s Caleb Deal

Samantha Havenner, Staff Reporter

Dobie’s track and field team has become more popular and noticed recently. Dobie can be very competitive and one of their top runners is Caleb Deal, 7th grader. He’s been running for most of his life.

Growing up, he has been a military child and moved around a lot so he is used to having to be flexible with things. This makes him an amazing student who is nice to most people, excels in his school work, and a good multi-athlete. On the weekends, he plays basketball, football, and runs competitively.

He’s a very fast runner and can beat a lot of people. “I can run 3 miles in 19 minutes,” said Deal. He can run a long time without eating first and enjoys being in track. “I love being on the track team. My favorite thing to do is run and being on the team lets me do it more often,” said Deal.

Dobie’s track team has a steady schedule. They meet after school and the students stay until 5 p.m. every Thursday. “It’s kind of easy to be on the team but it’s not at the same time because it’s always here and there,” said Deal.

Deal loves to be on the team and his favorite part is racing. “I love to race people because it makes me feel great and I become more competitive, which I enjoy,” said Deal.

Deal is the perfect student, he has good grades, is never mean to anyone, can juggle sports and school, and respects the staff members. Diego Ingle, 7th grader, states that Deal is a very good role model. “Deal exceeds in his classes and tends to have good grades,” said Ingle.

“I sit with Deal at lunch and he’s always talking about being ready for track and is never mean to anyone,” said Ingle.