Personal view: Fuller House is an amazing show

Andrea Cannell, Staff Reporter

“Fuller House” is on the Top 50 Netflix shows of 2017. I can see why it was. It’s so funny!

“The show is really good,” said Ranee Williams, 7th grader. “It’s cool you get to see the cast as adults.”

Fuller House has won the Comedy award for Funniest American Sitcom. It was released September 22, 2016. It is running for its first year on Netflix.

50% of people choose Elias Harger (Max Fuller) as their favorite character. “I like Ramona because of her personality and style,” said Williams 7th grader.

The reason for “Fuller House” was to show how the cast of “Full House” makes new memories.”I love the show the way it is,” said Williams, 7th grader, “ But I would love to see more flashbacks from the past.”

The first episode of “Fuller House” was originally going to be called “House of Comics”. Not really anyone in particular, can choose their favorite Fuller House episode. “I can’t choose,” said Jade Long, 7th grader, “They’re all so amazing!”

Surprisingly, the show “Fuller House” said it was shot in San Francisco, California, but it was only shot there once! Another interesting fact about “Fuller House” is, Candace Cameron-Bure (D.J. Tanner) had her first kiss on the show! Uncle Jesse (John Stamos) was originally going to be named Uncle Adam.

“I personally love “Fuller House”. It’s my favorite Netflix TV show because I love seeing the cast grow up! The lessons the show teaches kids are accurate. A lot of things that happen in the show happen in my life too. So I could feel the feelings they feel”, said the author.