Personal View: “Series of Unfortunate Events Is The Best Show Ever!” READER WARNING: There may be spoilers!

The original picture for the series.


The original picture for the series.

My favorite Netflix TV show is “A Series Of Unfortunate Events”.I found out about it when my sister turned on the TV one night and was watching it. At first I was bored, but then I got really into it. I like this show because it is funny, full of mystery, and has an awesome story line.

The actor who plays the main villain is Neil Patrick Harrison. “Neil Patrick Harrison plays a great Count Olaf; he’s a great actor,” said Mrs.V (Dobie Speech Therapist).

Lemony Snicket is played by Patrick Warburton. He is funny and he gives the tale of sorrow a little laughter. The main characters Violet, Klaus, and Sunny are played by Malina Weissman (Violet), Louis Hynes (Klaus), and Presley Smith (Sunny) who are all great actors for a young age (mostly Smith because he’s a baby). “Violet Baudelaire is my favorite character. She’s quick in what she does,” said Mrs. V.

The show also has an amazing plot to it. One day at a beach, three children find out that their parents had died in a terrible fire that destroyed their entire home. They go through guardian and guardian who all die in horrible ways. And they are hunted by Count Olaf, a twisted, evil, actor who is horrible at acting. Count Olaf tries to steal the fortune that the Baudelaire’s parents left behind. They children go through “A Series Of Unfortunate Events”. “It’s funny, and it has a good story line and plot twists”, said Mrs. V.

I like this show because it’s full of humor, it has a great plot, and it’s full of mystery. The things that make it funny are the characters, the actions of the characters, and the cut scenes where Lemony Snicket talks, even if it’s through an important scene. The plot is very sad, but it’s also exciting and fun. Also (Spoilers) the Baudelaire’s find telescope in their father’s desk after the fire, and it is shown that the Baudelaire parents were part of a secret society (which is AWESOME)!

A series of unfortunate events is an amazing show and I 100% think that if you’re reading this you should watch it.