Teacher Spotlight: Mrs.Amour Wetz

Genevieve Vega, Staff Reporter




Amour Wetz ,7th grade ELA teacher and GT Coordinator, has been teaching for 17 years and has been teaching at Dobie for 14 years. “I love when a student makes connections, which doesn’t always happen during the same year. When students come back in high school or later and bring up something that they learned or influenced them, it just warms my heart,” said Mrs.Wetz.


They’re many units to teach, some are more fun than others. Mrs.Wetz said,“I love teaching the novels at the end of the year. We haven’t gotten to them yet this year, but I can’t wait!”

Mrs.Wetz has been teaching for a total of 17 years. “I loved teaching high school, but I was so excited to move down to junior high. I’ve taught 8th grade at Dobie, but I prefer 7th grade because kids are usually willing to try different things and haven’t checked out yet,” said Mrs.Wetz.


Teaching is not easy. Mrs.Wetz said,“The hardest thing about teaching is when people (students, parents, etc.) don’t care or try to act like they don’t care. Apathy is near impossible to fight!”

Mrs.Wetz’s hobbies are reading,hiking,and playing with her kids. “I love to doodle (zentangles) even though I’m not very good, and I love yoga when I get the chance to go to class,” said Mrs.Wetz.


Mrs.Wetz is loved by many students. Mrs.Wetz said,“I don’t put on pretenses–what you see is literally what you get. I try to live in a way that honors the life in everyone. I wish I could go back to school and get a degree in science or math.”


7th grader, Ranee Williams said, “She is understanding unlike other teachers. She actually takes time to understand why we didn’t turn in work or what’s going on in our lives. She’s my favorite teacher not to be rude to my other teachers.” Williams is in Mrs.Wetz’s 3rd period class.

7th grader, Nicholas Kissinger. Kissinger is in Mrs.Wetz’s 3rd period class.


“That she made learning boring things more fun because, if it’s not fun, why would kids want to learn it?”said Kathleen Melton, 8th grader. Melton was in Mrs.Wetz 2015-2016 4th period class.

7th grader, Brea Mars “How positive she is because, she puts me in great mood when I do my work.”


Mars is in Mrs.Wetz’s 5th period class.

Melton’s favorite thing to do in Mrs.Wetz’s class was getting to write stories.

Williams loves when they read. She also loves to do the little projects.

Mrs.Wetz is so loved that people wish she was an 8th grade teacher too!


“I always had fun in her class and I was never upset or anything during her class.” Says Melton.

Mars said, “It’s usually quite when people are focused on their work, and I like silence.”

Mrs.Wetz is a very loved teacher and should be recognized.