Student spotlight: Jade Long

Student spotlight: Jade Long

Julianna A., Staff Reporter

Known to most as sweet, compassionate, and caring to all. Jade Long, 7th grader, is a unique individual. She is a loving, caring, all around likable, outstanding person who is dedicated to her friends and is a stubborn little 5 foot girl.

She is well liked by many. “Jade is a friendly funny talented girl.” said Andrea Cannell, 7th grader.

Long keeps busy with a long list of hobbies and talents.

“I love to dance, sing, draw, even though I’m not very good at it I still enjoy the effort even if I don’t like or do like the outcome,” said Long, 12.

Long has a heart bigger than most to all people none the matter of how they act towards her, but when it comes to people messing with her friends and family she will stand up for them and against the person doing wrong.

Long listens her friends by keeping eye contact, never drifting from topics, and never hovering more than necessary, never questions why, never leaves without saying goodbye, and always smiles, the biggest, best and most brilliant around.

She is a compassionate person who knows no limits. She loves turtles and tigers. “One day she will be a veterinarian or a nurse of God,” said Cannell.

Long loves to inspire people and give Godly tips on life. She loves God and Jesus with her heart and soul. “I enjoy helping people receive hope for their life,” said Long.

Long loves God with her mind throughout her body and with every fiber of her being and when I asked what she wants people to know about her , she replied, without hesitation, “I want people to know that I love God and have hope for people, hope for all people.”

Long shows needed and loves even the most evil people she knows all things can be put upon the Lord ,she encourages everyone even on the darkest of days and she has an unnatural light in her eyes. She is Jade Long.