Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Jordiin

Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Jordiin

Jade Long

A lot of kids don’t like school, but there’s one teacher that makes learning fun. History, or social studies in particular is what she specializes in. She teaches at J. Frank Dobie Jr. High and she’s “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious,” said Julianna Aimone, 8th grader.


She loves to teach and has been at Dobie for 13 years. “I became a teacher because I wanted to help kids,” said Jordiin. She really does love her kids and tries to connect to every individual. “She makes it enjoyable for every student,” said Aimone. She talks to the kids to insure she never singles anyone out. Jordiin is a very approachable and open person, insuring that kids aren’t afraid to talk to her.


Her classroom has a very unique atmosphere. “It’s really fun, but you get stuff done,” said Aimone “she makes it enjoyable for every student.”


Jordiin presents games related to the unit for an unforgettable learning experience. One particular excursion features two strings attached from one end of the classroom to the other. A paper model of a train is placed on the lines. Students are “cotton farmers” and “conductors”. Cotton farmers have paper “money” and “cotton.” They group around the “railroad tracks.” When the “conductor” passes by, pushing the train, students possessing a “railroad stop” will be charged to put their crops in the train. It is then returned to Ms. Jordiin to be sorted. The “conductor” and “farmers” then receive pay. “It was fun,” said Andrea Cannell, “I don’t know why, I just liked it.”


A lot of kids like Jordiin because she doesn’t put herself on a ‘high and mighty’ pedestal. She wants to be respected, of course, but she never distances herself from her students. Jordiin is very relaxed as well. She understands that children are children and they will behave as such. Jordiin will also get serious, though, if times call for it. That is a great quality to have in a teacher and it’s just one that shines in her personality.


Mrs.Jordiin is a good teacher and a great friend. She loves her students and they will remember her. Other teachers can learn a lot from a kind and compassionate woman like her.