Student spotlight: Lexie Payne


Ashley Sustayta, Staff reporter

Everyone is unique in their own way. Lexie Payne, 8th grader, is no exception. Payne is a fun blonde that has very green eyes, rosy cheeks, and a cute smile.
“I guess one thing is that I’m extremely open minded,” Payne said.
“I guess you could say my comfort zone is everywhere,” said Payne. Payne loves doing new things and getting out of her comfort zone.
She’s always willing to try new things and she finds happiness wherever she goes. These are just a few things out of many that set her apart from others.
There are so many things that can make a person unique including what they choose to do with their life. “When I grow up, I want to go into social work,” said Payne. She wants to become a junior high school or high school counselor because she knows it’s a transitioning time in students’ lives.
“You’re learning a lot and I feel like you absorb a lot of things you hear, so I want to have good things to say that kids will absorb and make the most out of,” said Payne.
Saving lives and making lives better is her number one goal. Every school day holds a new opportunity.
“Everyday I go through pretty much the same routines but it’s always something different,” said Payne. Payne loves band and all of her teachers. She enjoys having adults that she knows she can trust and talk to. Not only does she trust them, but they genuinely care about her and her wellbeing.
Many people don’t know who Payne is or how she acts around others. She also said that she honestly doesn’t want to know how people see her.
“The way I hope other people see me is a kind, caring, and loyal person and friend,” said Payne.
“Payne is very outgoing and loves to talk but she is also very in touch with her emotions,” said Zoe Clark, 8th grader. Clark also said that she is a very good and caring friend.
“I’ve known her since the fifth grade and she’s gotten more independent and strong,” said Clark.
“People assume she’s really mean. She’s a nice person when you get to know her but you don’t want to get on her bad side!” said Ethan Bowman, 8th grader, while laughing slightly. Bowman has known Payne for one year and says that she has become a better person.
Now you can understand who Payne really is and see what makes her unique. Everyone has their own unique qualities that makes them different from everyone else. What makes you unique?