Dribble Pass Shoot


Maleeya Weber

Lady Cougars getting a shot for the team.

Reghann Leach, Staff Reporter

Basketball basketball basketball Dobie 8th grade girls love the game! “I loved this season! I really enjoyed the games, especially all the games that we won,” says Aaliyah Ellis. The 8th grade Lady Cougars only lost one game so their games must’ve been pretty fun.

Overall the girls did very good this season. The 8th grade Lady Cougars (A-team) only lost one game this season. B-team’s record was 6-3.

How do the coaches help if the players are on the court? “We got really good coaches and we sorta payed attention this year,” Pansy Ingram explains. Ingram says the coaches got us better by yelling at the girls because it helped you not make the same mistake twice.


A lot of the girls are very close friends; basketball brings them closer every season. The more great friendships they have the better the teamwork. It’s a team not just one girl doing all the work. The team puts in the work to make the best out of the season.
A lot of the girls have fun on the rides there and back to the games and they love playing the game with some of their closest friends. “I play basketball because it’s fun, competitive, and I like to go places with my friends,” Annesa Lopez says.