Personal View: ‘The Originals’ worth a watch

Picture by: Warner Bros. The Originals cast pose for their season 3 photo.

Picture by: Warner Bros. The Originals cast pose for their season 3 photo.

Elisa Paredez, Staff reporter

The originals is a good t.v show ,but could use some touch ups. The show was action packed and kept me wanting to watch more, but the shows creators could have improved the series by making the beginning  of the show more interesting.

Originally, the show didn’t grab my attention that well. It didn’t have a great hook. If I hadn’t been bored one afternoon I wouldn’t have finished the series.

However, there are some good parts like “ whenever MarcelManage thought they had captured Klaus but then he killed like 20 vampires in around forty-five seconds,”said Anissa Warren, 7th grader.

Klaus ( Joseph Morgan), Rebekah (Claire Holt), Elijah (Daniel Gillies), Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin), Hope (Summer Fontana), Davina (Danielle Campbell) and Marcel (Charles Michael Davis )  play a big role in The originals.

The show is connected to The Vampire Diaries when a few Vampire Diaries’s characters come into play. The Originals follows the Mikaelson siblings, the original vampires, and how they try to regain control over the city they helped build.

This show’s genre is Horror, Fantasy, Drama, and Sci-Fi. The show includes Vampires, Wolves, and some other fictional characters.

Klaus is one of my favorite characters, because he is a interesting part of the plot and he also he tends to be one of the popular characters too.

Klaus is to be considered one of the original characters. “Klaus is my favorite because he is powerful and evil but kind of nice too,” said Warren.

However, not all characters are all favored “Oh, my least favorite character is Davina because she tried to kill Klaus,” said Warren

Speaking of least favorites, the show itself is not bad.There are some flaws in the show ,but all is fantastic . There are some points where it could have been seriously improved, but some student may do not think so.  Lainey Salinas, 7th grader said. The Originals is very interesting and the characters are really good looking to.”