Personal View: ‘Dance Academy’ A Must Watch

Personal View: ‘Dance Academy A Must Watch

Ranee Williams, Staff reporter

Dance Academy on Netflix is one of my favorite shows and because I love dance it made me want to write a article on it. It is a good show that puts real life experiences into a show and I feel like if I were making the movie it would have been more seasons.

On the show, Tara Webster is accepted to the National Academy of Dance in Sydney, Australia. During the different seasons, she learns different types of dance and comes across friends and enemies. She also goes through rough times and even has some romantic episodes . As the show goes on, you get to take a look into her life and the life of her friends, but the reason this all started was to become principal dancers.  

The show is set at the National Academy of Dance in Sydney, Australia. According to Wikipedia, they filmed all three seasons of Dance Academy in July 13, 2009 until November 27, 2012.

The characters  are Tara Webster, Kat Karamakov, Abigail Armstrong, Sammy Lieberman, Christian Reed, Ethan Karamakov Mrs. Lucinda Raine, Ben Tickle Ollie Lloyd , and last but not least, Grace Whitney.

Jade Long 7th grade and Andrea Cannell 7th also watch the show they both couldn’t decide their favorite episode because they feel it was all good. The reason they watched it was because they both love to dance . “Whenever you dance you can express yourself and you don’t really have to think about anything else,” said Jade Long 7th grader.

Long and Cannell both feel they could relate to Kat who is the most outgoing person in this show and they both rated it higher than a four. Long rated it a 8 out of 10 and so did Cannell. “ I’m outgoing and everything bad happens to me, said Andrea Cannell 7th grader

They both also feel like it was good enough to recommend to some like a friend or a brother. Long said she would recommend it to her brother just to get on his nerves and Cannell said she would recommend it to her friend Marina at Steele High School because of how she is a dancer for the dance team at Steele.

Some important details are that it was rated twelve and plus according to Common Sense Media, also according to them there is very little nudity and the most is girls in their underwear. According to Buzzfeed, the characters in the show are inspired by real people in the author’s life also according to Buzzfeed some dancers went through a six week boot camp.

I also feel it could have been a different story line instead of focusing on just Tara they could have showed different points of view. I also feel like this show is for everyone and not just dancers. To me this is a show that is easy to relate to even if you aren’t their age. Everyone should watch this show because I feel it is a good show to watch when you are bored or on Netflix.