Student Spotlight: Camren Dake


Christine Leos, Staff reporter

Camren Dake, C.J., 7th grader, was born October 7, 2003 in San Antonio, Texas. Dake says his childhood was easy. He grew up with his little brother, Cayden. They traveled a lot, exploring the United States. He says his life would be boring without Cayden bugging him all the time. Just like any other siblings, they still love each other.


Elementary life was good overall, everything was just fun at that time for him. C.J. made lots of friends throughout the years and he became a very social person then, which strived him to be as happy, positive, and as outgoing as he is today.


Dake has always been happy towards everyone, he always wants to make people feel accepted. He never excludes anyone. He’s been on multiple teams, so he really knows how to work with others.“I think C.J. is a really happy and caring person, he’s always so uplifting towards everyone,” said Kimberly Guajardo, 7th grader.


Dake is known for many of his athletic performances. He’s participated in almost every sport just this year. His first year playing football, he made ‘A’ team. He had to try out for soccer because he’s played for around 9 years on select teams, which helped him make Dobie’s first soccer team. Track was something new for him but it worked out, he participated in many meets through this last season.
School gets rough at times and sometimes you just need someone there for you, helping you with things. Jacob Coppage, 7th grader,  is Dake’s best friend. They do everything together within and without school. They have a strong relationship.