8th Grade boys track season ends successfully


Dawnyail Cromrartie, Staff Reporter

The Dobie Jr High 8th grade boys track season is coming to end. The 8th grade boys put in a lot of work throughout this season, and even though it got hard sometimes that never stopped them from getting to their goal.

Paul Gonzales, 8th grader, runs the 400 meter dash, so everyday he runs with long distance to practice. ”Since I practice it everyday, and everyday it gets easier,” said Gonzales.

Wyatt Begeal, 8th grader, runs the 4×1, 4×4, and 200 meter dash. He also does field events like discus and long jump. “I’m just wherever the coaches need me, so anywhere we can get points I’m there,” said Begeal.

Many say that track is a hard sport to do since it involves so much running, but for others the competition is the hard part.  Begeal said “There so much competition going on since a whole bunch of different schools are there.”

To other people track isn’t such a hard sport to do. “To me track is not hard because I would pace myself and try not to get any cramps,” said Gonzales.

There’s also lots of things that people like about running track. “The competitiveness and being around my friends,” said Begeal.

“Just the fact that you get to run,” Gonzales said. So there are different reasons people like track.

The 8th grade boys track team has been putting in the hard work each and every day at practice. Representing Dobie Jr High the best they can with pride.