Zaysha Contreras, Design Editor

MBAV Netflix Series


My favorite Netflix show is My Babysitter’s A Vampire because it’s funny and it’s about supernatural being such as vampires, werewolves, witches, and soul eaters.


I really love MBAV. I watch it at least twice a week. I watch the same episodes over and over again because the show ended during season two which really sucks because it’s a very addicting show, I love it so much. The show is like three genres in one. I literally have Benny Weir on my phone background right now!


The reason why it is my favorite show is for these three reasons: it has great humor, it has supernatural characters, and some of the guys are just so adorable.


All the characters have already grown up but they still have their humor. Benny Weir (played by Atticus Mitchell), is at least by far the funniest character, he acts like he’s stupid but in reality he’s very tech smart. He helps a lot in almost every episode, and he usually ends up cleaning up all the dirty mess after they are done with their “mission”.


Ethan Morgan (played by Matthew Knight) is one of the main characters and he has a special power that can see things from the past and future just by touching a supernatural being.


Sara (played by Vanessa Morgan) is a vampire that helps Benny and Ethan all the time, she believes that they are total wimps.


The story is all about some motivated teenagers trying to end all the evil supernatural beings from harming other people and entering the school and harming students. There are mostly vampire enemies that appear in the show than other creatures.


There is also another background story about the vampires that you’ll have to see for yourself since I hate spoiling everything. But I’ll tell you that some of the scenes are very breathtaking, the show will make you want to see the next episode right away. The show introduces a new character every episode so that you can get bits and pieces of the whole background story.


Many people today still love the show. “Yeah, oh my gosh, that is like by far my favorite show on Netflix! It’s almost all I watch, besides watching The Amazing World of Gumball,” said Sasha Contreras, 6th grader.


Most people’s favorite character is Benny Weir. “BENNY BOO IS MY FAVORITE CHARACTER! He’s super adorable. I like how he’s supposed to be stupid but he comes up with these really good ideas on how to solve their problems,” said Hailey Dickerson, 4th grader.


Some parts of the show can get a little freaky because there is some killing, but it’s only mild. “Sometimes, when I’m watching that show, to be honest, I get a little scared when the unexpected scares come up. One time, I squeaked a little too loud when my parents were sleeping, I got in trouble but it was worth it,” said Skyla Dickerson, 3rd grader.