Personal view: Naruto is Our Small Time Hero

Naruto is a popular anime feature


Olivia Smith, Staff reporter

On Netflix, there is an Anime called Naruto, a very popular Anime that many people usually start with, or at least know about. It takes place in Kohana (along with a few different scenes in woods or in a motel in other nations) which is a made up region within the show. In Kohana, ninjas live together to learn and grow to protect the normal citizens of Kohana.


Our young hero, Uzumaki Naruto, faces a hardship through his childhood as he is a Jinchuriki, a host body for a tailed beast. His specific beast is the fox demon (otherwise known as Nine-Tails or Kurama), the more dangerous of the Tailed Beasts, of which nine Tailed Beasts exists. He grows up in The Village Hidden in the Leaves, where many people tend to dislike Naruto and treat him poorly due to him being a Jinchuriki.

There is a lot of fighting, in which character development happens and plot progresses. You also get to see all of the unique moves and powers every ninja has, or their way of thinking. Personally, they can really pump me up,getting to see their battle tactics.  My favorite ones to watch during fights are Naruto and Gaara; they always seem to interest me, especially Gaara’s sand.  (Kazekage of the village hidden in the sand) “Naruto’s awesome! The fights are the best part, I get to know a lot more about the characters, since they talk so much instead of actually fighting,” said Zaysha Contreras, 8th grader.

One downside to Naruto is that it is an extremely long anime, with each episode about 20-25 minutes long. Sometimes, fights will be dragged on for more than 5 episodes, having a viewer wish to skip the fight but not wanting to miss any crucial plot. Filler episodes don’t help, of course, but there’s not much you can do about it. Besides, sometimes you can find it to be fun, as you get to meet the other eight Jinchuriki unlike if you read the Mangas. “I  wish it wasn’t so long, it takes forever to watch, though,” said Chloe Smith, 12th grader.

Sadly, all Animes come to an end. March 23rd, 2017 Naruto finally sent out its last episode.  “Naruto is the best anime, if only it went on forever, then I wouldn’t have to worry about finding a new anime to watch,” said Connor Sullivan, 8th grader. All fans will be sad that it is no more, but will never let the light of Naruto and his comrades die. Thank you for giving us ten years of fun!

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