Student spotlight: Alia Simpson

Student spotlight: Alia Simpson

Emmalee Prince, staff reporter

Alia Simpson,13, was born on January 21,2004 in Tampa, Florida. Growing up in Tampa was really fun for her but when she moved to the city of Cibolo at the age of seven some of that fun was taken away, like not being able to go to the beach on the weekends.

When she moved to Texas she lived in Spring Branch for about a year until they moved to Schertz for a little bit and then to Cibolo when she was in the second grade. She went to Green Valley Elementary and has went to Cibolo schools ever since then. When she moved to Cibolo she decided to play for the GRAYSA ARSENAL soccer team for 3 years and find something new.

Simpson is very unique in many ways she dresses unique, she’s Caucasian, black and Asian and she loves Korean music. “ I love Korean music but it’s not just K-Pop that i like I like other Korean music too,” said Simpson. She also collects chapstick. “I know something unique about me!” said Simpson. “I like to collect chapstick!” She has around 15-20 different flavored sticks in a makeup bag at home. And she also loves to watch YouTube on a daily basis. “I like watching YouTube…But I’m not lazy!” said Simpson. She usually just watches what pops up on her YouTube account she doesn’t have a favorite channel to watch.

At home Simpson has six siblings, four of which are step siblings and two who are blood-related. Tristen, Isaiah, Chris, and Mikayla are her step siblings and Asia and Aria are her blood-related siblings. Mikayla lives in Tennessee with Alia’s dad and step mom so they don’t really see each other often.

During the course of our everyday lives, we all sometimes seem to forget that everyone has their own different story of how they became the person they are today. Simpson is no exception to this. During the course of this article, you were able to receive some insight into the life of this individual.