Dobie Jr. High Track and Field team


Dobie Jr High track and field team

By Michael Martinez


Track season starts at the beginning of March all the way through to april.The athletes that chose

To come out and perform(try-out)come out after school to the field.They come out to try out for a variety of events.These events vary from running,pole-vault,shot-putt,and discus.


There is a very large variety of running events ranging all the way from 100 meter dash all the way to the mile run.”I normally do very good on the mile relays“ said Malik simmington.Most of the short distance relays are for the fastest athletes on the team.But mile relays are for the ones with the best conditioned on the track team.Usually,you run four laps around the track here at our field, but all fields are different.


Pole-vault is unlike the other events in this sport, this event does not involve running.

This event is nor on the track either,it is a field event.This event is for those with the

Best agility on the team.You must reach over the pole that is at a certain height to win.But this event Is not the only event that takes place on the field.


Shot-put takes place on the field with pole-vault and discus.Shot-put is especially

Not for everyone on the track team.”Before I quit the track team, I was very good at shot-put and discus” said Kara Posey.You must have a strong arm and a good amount of strength

To do this event.The ball itself does not sound very heavy(eight pounds), but you still have throw it

Far to win this event.Plus,you must hold the ball between your neck and shoulder while you spin.


Discus is a lot less heavy than the shot-put ball,It weighs about 4 pounds.This event is also

A lot easier than the shotput throw.In this event you must launch the disk as far as you can to win.

You really just need a good arm for this event.


The reason that most athletes enjoy coming out to track is that everyone that shows up is good at

A event.Everyone feels part of the team and is involved. It does not matter how short you may be or how slow you may be.There is something for everyone on the track and field team.