Teacher Spotlight: Coach Niblett

Shayla Dunsirn, Staff reporter

Ms. Kourtnei Niblett is a teacher and coach. She takes on track, volleyball, and basketball and she also teaches 7th grade Skills for Success. This can be a challenge. “My biggest challenge is having to multitask between coaching and teaching,” said Niblett. There’s many difficulties for these two jobs, mostly because of all the paperwork she gets.

Niblett takes her job very serious. The way she teaches seems to help her students learn easier. Most teachers just give an assignment and expect the students to understand what it is that they are doing, but coach N. explains with detail whatever the lesson is that she is teaching that day. “I feel that she gives her students good education and I feel that she is the kind of teacher that wouldn’t let her students slack off,” said Claire Burton, 7th grader.

Most teachers don’t take their job as seriously as they should, but others do. “Coach takes charge when things get out of control in a situation and that’s something that not a lot of teachers are brave enough to do”, said Burton, 7th grader. Niblett acts more experienced than the number of years she’s been teaching.

“I have been teaching for 3 years now and I plan on continuing for much longer,” said Niblett. She has experience in teaching and she will become better as she continues. Her students feel she is a good teacher and some of the teachers she works with agree. Success is the main thing she tries to help the students accomplish.

Niblett also takes coaching serious. She is tough on the athletes and makes them work hard. She encourages them to be the best that they can. Mistakes happen but coach still keeps a positive attitude, and she is serious at times and also nice at times. With her there is no joking around when stuff is to be done. Niblett is a responsible teacher and she pushes her students and athletes to succeed.