Spotlight on Taylor Mundahl


Alia Simpson


Taylor Mundahl, 7th grader, says her favorite hobbies are playing volleyball and going on Snapchat. “It’s between volleyball and Snapchat but I think volleyball would be my favorite,” said Mundahl

Mundahl spends her afternoons like most other teenagers these days.

“When I get home from school I check Snapchat then I get some food while I wait for my parents to get home,” said Mundahl.

Many students find it very exhausting and stressful going to a public school because of the stress of homework, but not Mundahl. “It is not a problem for me because nothing bothers me about it.”

When it comes to Junior High a lot of teenagers worry about how other people think of them even if it is nice or very rude. Not everyone does but many people do and it does happen to affect their daily life. “I know that a lot of people think of me as the quiet girl because I usually don’t talk in some of my classes.”

Mundahl explained that her birthday would be on the 23rd of April and she is very excited to be celebrating it. “I am gonna get my nails done! But I’m not sure what color  i’m gonna get,” Mundahl said

Mundahl is not ready for summer because she doesn’t have anything planned and school keeps her busy but she is ready to be able to sleep in without her alarm going off.