Personal View: Fuller House is my favorite show

Veronica Riojas, Staff Reporter

My favorite Netflix is Fuller House because it is funny and crazy like me. The reason why it is my favorite show is for these three reasons it is crazy like me,it is very funny to me, it can be romantic.

Jodie Sweetin was playing Stephanie Tanner. Stephanie was D.J.’s sister and Jackson,Max,and Tommy’s aunt. Andrea Barber plays Kimmy Gibbler, Kimmy is Ramona’s mom, Candace Cameron-Bure plays D.J. Tanner. D.J. is Jackson’s, max’s,and Tommy’s mom,Elias Harger plays Max Tanner. His mom is D.J., Soni Nicole Bringa plays Ramona Gibbler. Her mom is Kimmy, Michael Campion plays Jackson Tanner. His mom is D.J., his brothers are Tommy and Max.

The plot of Fuller House is mostly about D.J. and her family and friends. D.J. has a lot going on at her house. She has to make a lot of decisions for her family and the house. She works at the vet and has 4 kids and she also stays home with tommy at times.