7th Graders stress over the ELA STAAR

Devin Moore, Staff Reporter

On March 28, 2017, 7th graders at Dobie Jr. High took the ELA State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness, also known as the STAAR. Some 7th graders, such as Emma Baker and Kaitlynn Dority, find the STAAR very “stressful, boring, and annoying.”

Emma Baker, 7th grader, finds that it is hard to answer questions about stories that she doesn’t like. “I would change the stories on the STAAR. I would have the stories be about electronics. Everybody loves electronics,” Baker said.

Others, like Kaitlynn Dority, 7th grader, would change the environment around her when taking the STAAR test. “I would change how everybody is in the same room. I would rather be isolated,” Dority said.

Mrs.Rodriguez, an ELA 7th grade teacher, says that STAAR days are very “chaotic.” STAAR days are the days in which we take the STAAR test. That includes the different schedule, classes in different classrooms, and of course the test itself.

Even the teachers think STAAR days are stressful.  “I dread STAAR days and I wish they could go by as quickly as possible,” said Mrs.Rodriguez. Although the STAAR can be chaotic at times, there are some positive points to the STAAR. “It gives you an idea of where the student is on the given day,” Mrs.Rodriguez said.