Personal View: ‘Law and Order SVU’ The Crime Investigation Show

Celine Valerio, Staff Reporter

The reasons why Law and Order is my one of my favorite series is because it involves real life situations with the law. It shows that there are problems in the world that need to be taken care of the appropriate way, and that there are serious consequences for it. I love watching it because it’s interesting, has a strong female role, and is just a good show in general.


The show is about how Lt. Olivia Benson works for the NYPD with her partners Elliot and Fin to solve sexual assault cases.


Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) is the lead character in the story,she is a tough, courageous, powerful woman. She encourages a lot of young women to be in a job that deals with the law. “The show has a very strong female lead and I love it because it shows that girls can do anything. I just love it.”said Haylie Laws, 7th grader. Olivia has one adopted child named Noah Porter and isn’t married.


Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni) is Olivia’s partner in crime. He assists her with almost all of her cases. Elliot is married to Kathy Stabler and his five children with her, Maureen, Kathleen, Elizabeth, Richard, and Elliot Jr.


Fin Tutuola (Ice- T) came from narcotics where he spent most of his time undercover. He is seen to be calm in the interrogation room, but has quite the temper outside of there.