Luke Cage is great


Bishop Williams, staff reporter



The notorious superhero show is interesting for all ages young and old. Like any other superhero show, it’s filled with action and drama. After my dad, Ken Williams, and I watched the first episode, we automatically fell in love with it. Being it was a show about superheros which my dad and I both fell in love with when we were both little boys.


  “I started watching Luke Cage because my coworkers said I looked like Luke Cage and that I should check it out, ” said Williams. Being the super hero geeks in our family, we’re always talking about superhero movies or shows and tend to agree on a lot of things, such as when the next season should come out. “I think that the next season should be out tomorrow or next week but that’s probably not going to happen,” said Williams. My personal favorite thing about Luke Cage is how it slowly tells you  about the past of  the  main character  and the other characters slowly through the story.


 Luke Cage is one of the ways my dad and I have bonded over time. There are some things that my dad and I still disagree with though.“The next season should be about him accepting his powers,” said Williams. While I think that the next season should be about him trying to team up with the other defenders of New York.


 One of the things that affected my dad and I both along with thousands of other fans out there was killing the neighborhood friend Pops. “I definitely would’ve kept pops alive,” said Williams. The death of Pops was definitely a hard hit to every fan out there, because he was a friend who kept the hero Luke Cage’s secret and who gave a rough Harlem neighborhood hope and a safe place where street kids can feel safe from all the violence. No matter when the next season comes out or even what they do next my dad and I along with thousands of other fans will stay loyal and by the show’s side.