Personal view: New state, new school, new student

  Photos of the Arizona Trail that stretches from Utah to Mexico, straight through Arizona.

Scott Anderson

Photos of the Arizona Trail that stretches from Utah to Mexico, straight through Arizona.

Brianna Alarcon, Staff reporter

Moving from state to state is always difficult, this I found out as we were driving 14 hours from Arizona to Texas. Of course, Texas is totally different from Arizona. In Arizona it’s dry, we didn’t get a lot of rain, and there were no deer or squirrels.

Since I was born in Arizona, it was pretty difficult to just uproot and leave. A grand majority of my family lives in Arizona and we had to give away everything including couches and televisions. The only thing I would refuse to give away was my dog Snoopy, who we had to carry along for the 14-hour drive.

As we were driving I felt exhilarated but, that was quickly shot down from being crammed in a car with my siblings. Of course when we finally reached Texas it was dark out and we stopped in a little town someone near the borderline of Texas and New Mexico. The town was empty, there were hardly any lights, it was a ghost town. Then to make matters even more scary, a deer popped out of nowhere, and the car slid. Luckily, we just slid a couple of inches, not into a ditch, or the trees. We didn’t hit the deer, but we were still freaked out.

As soon as we got to Texas it was daylight. You could immediately feel the difference! It was humid and cloudy, something I am definitely not used to.

One of the main things that troubled me when we got here were the thought of tornados. The only thing we had to worry about in Arizona were monsoons, but after doing some research, I quickly realized it wasn’t that big of a threat, although my mom still worries about it.

We had booked a hotel for when we arrived, we were planning on just staying for a week but, that slowly turned into two.  At this point, my mom was growing anxious about us not being in school but, I wasn’t complaining, the hotel was really nice.

We were contemplating on just going back to Arizona until we finally found a house we liked. As soon as we moved in, off to school we were.

On the downside, this is when the allergies hit. You see in Arizona there aren’t that many trees or grass, these are the things that I am allergic to, and ever since I’ve been here the allergies have been unmanageable. I’m slowly adjusting.

To be completely honest, I’m not a high-strung type of person and I don’t find new schools to be that nerve-wracking, especially since I have a sister who is going to the same school.

So far Dobie has been great; it’s easy to get around and my classes are easy. The only thing that really bothers me are Wednesdays. In Arizona, on a regular schedule, I would go to school at 9 a.m. and get out at 4 p.m. On Wednesdays I would get out at 3 p.m. but, that was just my school. My brother would go to school at 8 a.m. and get out at 1 p.m. on a Wednesday. Also my sleeping schedule is super messed up because in Arizona it’s 2 hours behind Texas time.

So yeah, it’s been great here in Texas, but I’m still going to have some adjusting to do.