Personal View: ‘Pretty Little Liars’ continues

Personal View: Pretty Little Liars continues

Deja Jones, Staff Reporter

Pretty Little Liars is a roller coaster of mystery and excitement. The show follows the lives of four young girls (Hanna, Aria, Emily, and Spencer) in their fight against a dangerous stalker and the mysterious disappearance of their clique leader Alison. The hit show, debuted in 2010, has grasped the attention of thousands of teens across the country.

“I consider the show to be kind of scary because it has some very deep, creepy stuff that other shows don’t have,” said Lindsey Villarreal, 8th grader. The girls’ stalker, “A”, sends anonymous text messages to the girls, but doesn’t stop there. “A” traps the girls in enclosures, leaves creepy notes and riddles, and even plows a girl down in a car. This show definitely isn’t for the young, or the weak.

But despite the spine-chilling aspect to this show, it also has a positive side. “My favorite character is Hanna because I can relate to her love of fashion and clothes,” said Villarreal. Hanna’s character, played by Ashley Benson, is a fashion-loving girl with a fierce personality.

Despite her circumstances, she always seems to make the best of the situation. Something I’m not sure I could ever do.

But, the show is at 7 seasons and counting. How long can they continue before the storyline runs dry? This is the question for many. “I feel like they’re just dragging it out at this point. It’s getting annoying. Every time they get close to finding out who A is, there’s another plot twist,” said Elena Reamsnyder, 7th grader. The show is speculated to have a season 8, but no one is sure of anything at this point.