Personal view: Hawaii 5-0

Cheryl Stephens, Staff Reporter

Hawaii Five-0, the one hour TV show on CBS, always leaves you hanging on the edge of your seat.

The main characters Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin), Danny Williams (Scott Caan) and co-stars Kono Kalakaua (Grace Park) ,Chin Ho Kelly (Daniel Dae Kim).

They go on crazy “adventures” to solve crimes and get the truth out of the criminals to save the victims of a crime. In the end though, something always comes up, or they find out another secret that makes them rethink their whole conviction.

The original Hawaii Five-0, that aired from 1968-1980, was the 70’s style. When the creators stopped the show they decided to make the show more modern in 2010. At first the creators were just remaking all of the episodes with better plots, and conclusions. Now though, they are making brand new episodes for Hawaii Five-0.

Dawn Stephens started watching Hawaii five-0 when she was a little kid. “I like watching the show with my family because we don’t usually get to have some family time together,” Dawn Stephens, age 45, said.

Richard Stephens says that he likes watching the show with his family because it gives them some time to be together. “The show is just very interesting and it always catches my attention,” Richard Stephens, age 46, said.

Stephen Stephens says he gets scared easily so he is careful on which episodes he watches. “From the episodes I do watch, it looks like it could be made into a movie before the end of this year,” Stephen Stephens, 6th grader, said.

Jayden Stephens says that he started to watch the show when he moved in with the family he is adopted to know. “The show looks too scary to for me to watch without being in my mom’s lap,” Jayden Stephens, 1st grader, said.

Cheryl Stephens says that she loves the show and watches every single episode that comes on and always has questions that can be answered in the next episode. “I could watch the show for hours and hours on end. That is just how much I love the show,” Cheryl Stephens, 8th grader, said.