Personal View: Reina Huff – Members of an Elite Squad

Reina Huff, Staff Reporter

“Law and Order Special Victims Unit” is a show about sexually based crimes.” LOSVU” has been airing since September 20 1999 and is still currently making episodes in 2017.

The main characters are Olivia Benson(Mariska Hargitay),Elliot Stabler(Christopher Meloni), Fin Tutuola(Ice T), John Munch(Richard Belzer), and Captain Cragen(Dann Florek). Although the characters besides Detective Benson change a lot, they are the original “Law and Order” cast.

I think Elliot Stabler and Olivia Benson are the best characters because they  make the show feel real. Elliot Stabler played Detective Benson’s partner in the early times of the show, and was favored by many fans of the show. “He is my favorite character because he fits the part very well,” said Costello. He has left the show and has been replaced many times, but many “LOSVU” fans agree that he was the Detective’s best partner. They worked well together, and fit together like a puzzle piece.

This show takes place in New York, where the crime rates are quite high. “LOSVU’s” episodes are mostly about rape, but it’s typically not just a “he said,she said” rape case. There are also cases of human trafficking, dangerous chatrooms online, and child predators. “The show teaches you how to avoid getting raped and kidnapped, and what to do if you are in a dangerous situation,” said Delaney Costello 8th grader.Although “LOSVU” is a drama based program, the show also teaches you about law. The show informs you about what terms in court mean, about the constitution,and a person’s right.

Many people think that “LOSVU” is entertaining, but many think it is an important show to watch. It teaches that you should be careful what you say to people, because anger, severe loneliness and sadness can lead to a good person making a very bad decision. It also teaches that many people have rough home lives, and especially, that every family or person has secrets.“Law and Order Special Victims Unit” is an educational show, and a top rated drama show loved by many.

 It teaches many things, but made me realize that so many things are happening in this world, people being held captive, being trafficked for many things, and everyone needs to be thankful and not take anything for granted.