Personal view: Be unique

Kayden Kelly

Kayden Kelly

Kayden Zaragoza - Kelly, Staff reporter

What if everyone in the world was exactly the same? What if everyone talked the same, acted the same, listened to the same music and did everything the same? The world would  be extremely dull.

Everybody is unique in their own ways not everyone can do the same things. Also many people have different opinions about everything.

Being unique is a great way to show who you really are on the inside. “Some things that make me unique are my hair,sense of humor,and my life,” said Elijah Young, 7th grader.

Young is a very genuine person who believes that everybody is different in their own way. “A way that makes me unique is I’m good at football and I kinda like school,” said Brandon Neely, 7th Grader.

There are also a lot of goals everyone sets. Make sure you choose the right goal for you and set your accomplishments for that goal.”One dream I want to accomplish is making it to the NBA,”said Young.

You can set any goal you choose to do. “A dream I want to accomplish is making it to the NFL or the NBA,” said Neely.

A lot of people are known for the sport they play. In sports you have to try your hardest and best. In case you didn’t know, sports is a good way to be active and keep yourself entertained.Everyone has a passion about the sport the play. “My favorite sport is basketball because I’m good at it,” said Young.