Spotlight : Jaida Osborne

Spotlight : Jaida Osborne

Kaitlynn Dority, Staff Reporter

On February 4th, 2004 in Seguin, Texas Jaida Osborne was born. Osborne, 7th grader, has lived in Texas all her life and finds joy in her friends and music. What makes her unique is her photography and her personality. Osborne loves to laugh and likes making others laugh. She loves to take long walks and is always ready to take a picture with her phone.

Osborne plans on becoming a professional photographer one day. “ I don’t really have a plan for the future, but after high school I want to be a photographer,” Osborne said. Even though she doesn’t have enough experience she’s sure of becoming a great photographer! Osborne likes taking pictures of nature like flowers, animals, trees, and the sky.Osborne likes posting most of her work on her instagram.

When it comes to making new friends Osborne can be a little shy, but she some how makes it look so easy. “I like that she’s funny,” said Savannah Nunez, 7th grader. Osborne likes to keep her real friends close and likes to have a minimum of 1 best friend per gender. “I think it’s cool being one of Jaida’s friends,” said Nunez.

Jaida Osborne, a normal 13 year old girl, has a dream of being a photographer. She has lots of fun with her friends and enjoys listen to her music. After reading all about Jaida hopefully you can know a little more about her then just another face in the crowd.