Student Spotlight : Timothy Stinson


Anika Barajas, Staff Reporter

Timothy Stinson, one of Dobie’s football players, #43 on the football team and  track star. Guys want to be him and the girls want to date him, but what is his story?.

“I have lived in Germany, Texas, Massachusetts, California, Kentucky, and Virginia,” Stinson said as he speaks about his time as a military brat. His dad has been in the Army for 25 years. Being a military brat has really shaped him as person. He could change anything else in his life, But one thing that hasn’t changed his love for football.

“I play for two football leagues, Sharks and Titans,” Stinson said. Stinson is really passionate about football; when he gets older he wants to be a pro  in the NFL.

“I love football,it’s my passion” Stinson Says. Ever since a young age Stinson has loved football. His family of 6 has influenced this love of  football. He plays a defensive position, therefore he has to be strong.

Stinsons loves to bench, light weights and exercise. “ You know what is easy? Benching 210 pounds!” Stinson says to his friend Nate Ivey,8th grade Nate is one of his best friends “I can tell him anything and he’s always there for me” Stinson says.

“I like to keep up with my work and study,” Stinson said. He manages to keep A-B average while still playing football, track and keeping up with social life.

Timothy dreams aren’t boring  “When i’m older I wanna travel cause i’ve been most of Europe and it’s really amazing to have that experience to visit a different country,” said stinson.

“I love social studies so much i’m passing that class with A’s and B’s,”  Stinson said. Not many people love social studies but timothy does.

“I am not just some dumb football jock from those high school movies,” he said.  About how he describes himself.