Donald Trump’s Abortion Law

“I’m pro-life, and I have been pro-life. It’s an issue and a strong issue,” states Donald Trump.

In 2011, Donald Trump told us that we was pro-life, which means that he is opposing of abortions and euthanasia. For the people of the United States, the abortion opinion is what has everyone stunned.  “A society can be judged by how it deals with its most vulnerable, the aged, the infirm, the disabled, and the unborn. I believe it with all my heart,” Pence said at the debate. Along with this statement, came a new law, The Abortion Law. Trump thinks that women who get abortions, should be punished. This opinion of his is the opening to the act of completely closing down all the places where women go to get abortions. The women who are affected by this, are greatly outraged and have taken a stand for women’s rights showing why Donald Trump’s outlook on women’s rights, The Abortion Law, is wrong.


This law completely overlooks women’s rights. In cases of rape, insest, or if the women is in danger, the women should not be obligated to have the child.I am not saying that I’m for or that I’m against it, I’m just stating the facts based on our rights as citizens of the United States.  Donald Trump is in no place to talk about what women should have to do in these situations. Since his very opinionated “speech” on a bus with his fellow co-workers about a news reporter, most women are completely outraged that he has the audacity to create such a law or take such a stand against abortions.


He attempts to create prevention laws and take stands about situations he doesn’t, and will never understand. I do not understand the situation that these women are in, or have been in, or sadly, will be in, but I do know, that taking away the right for someone to make a decision for themselves, is just wrong. It should be the women’s decision in these cases, of what to do with the child or children. In other cases, if there is no need for an abortion and the mother just can’t or doesn’t want to take care of the child, adoption is always another choice. But, abortion is, normally, a self made decision and it should be up to the mother, not someone who could never understand.