Challenging construction nearly over

Tyshe Tyson, Staff Reporter

It has been very challenging for students to handle the change and ruckus of the ongoing construction at Dobie. Some students are still reflecting on problems, such as noisy interruptions during class. “The noise from construction drives me crazy every single day in math!” said Shelvy Curtis, 8th grader.

It’s even more of a challenge for students who have been here for two years. “It makes me upset that the school isn’t done yet, I just can’t wait until they’re done with everything!” said Ginea Chambers, 8th grader.

But finally, construction is nearly done and students are beginning to like the changes.

The school has had some pretty good updates these past years. A new look and plus new teachers has everything looking a little more put together every minute of the day, especially the new covers outside where the buses drop you off, just in case the weather is rough you won’t get soaked.

The the new grass outside looks well. But the smell is horrifying. The manure to give the grass nutrients to grow is healthy for the plant but not necessarily for students noses. Students have to deal with it when they go outside for athletics and especially the football players when they are practicing “ The smell was very disgusting when I play” said Rajai Penn, 8th grader.

Some students love the new look of the school including me. They seem to be liking the new look. “The school look more updated and there are a lot more online privileges now” said Serena Del Toro, 8th grader.