Personal View: Why How To Get Away With Murder Is Fantastic


Haylie Laws, Staff Reporter

My favorite Netflix show is How To Get Away With Murder because it is very attention grabbing and it teaches you to walk with a purpose. The show has a very strong female lead and I adore shows like this, we need more entertainment similar to How To Get Away With Murder.

This is one of the only shows that I can honestly sit down and enjoy. The reason why this is my favorite show is because it’s very in detail about the future, a very strong black female lead, and they aren’t going to sugarcoat it.

Viola Davis (Annalise Keating) is the main character, the clinic professor, at the beginning of the season she recruits 5 of her students to come and work for her personally like she does every year. The group of students all have a wide stretch of personalities, this is why they can either work extremely well with each other or very badly.

Throughout the seasons, they have saved people’s lives and careers. Each character allows themselves to have their bad days, working with Mrs. Keating is very intense. She does her all to keep her students safe and protect them from the media finding out their secret.

This show really goes into detail about the hard work it takes to be a lawyer, drama included. With the heartbreak, suspense, and mystery, it really puts together an amazing show.

Usually, I watch this show whenever I feel like it. I can always re-watch the episodes because they’re so good.

“I love having such a strong independent female lead,” Cooper Baldwin, 7th grade. “Whenever I watch this show, it always has me hanging off the edge of my seat, there’s always something coming,” ( the word said is supposed to go here) Celine Valerio, 7th grade. These students share their love for How To Get Away With Murder.