Abortion is a Human Right

Reina Huff, Staff Reporter



With younger kids having cell phones and being able to access adult content, more people are becoming aware of adult content. More people under the age of 21 are having children, and not being able to finish school and get jobs that can guarantee the family to be able to successfully support the families daily necessities. Some girls want to have abortions but where they live around the world, its illegal. In most countries where rape is not acceptable but can be performed under certain circumstances, in some countries, abortions are illegal and there is no exception.

In the Philippines, abortion is illegal with no exception. If you were raped, or the case is very dangerous for the mother to have the baby, you still can’t have an abortion.

Imagine if the woman is forced to keep the baby, if the mom didn’t want to keep it in the first place, the child will not be loved. The child will grow up to thinking they are not worth to live, and that they only bring people bad news.

Now,I am not saying all abortion should be acceptable, everyone should practice safe sex if you do not want to handle the responsibility of a child or taking a risk of having a child, but there is a limit to when you can get an abortion, so the fetus has no chance of feeling anything during the procedure or being a “human being” while the procedure is being performed.

Abortion can NOT be “murder” because under law, and under scientific evidence, the fetus is not alive.

The fetus will only be considered human if it takes one breath, according to the law, which can be figured out in a autopsy of the fetus. Most of the time, abortion procedures are performed under big circumstances. Either the mother is too young, the mother can’t support the child financially to get him/her proper education,food, or clothing. There are a lot of reasons why people have abortions but think about it, most females want to have a child of their own when they are older, so if they get pregnant, why would they just want to throw it away?

Most females regret abortions either right after or years later. They regret not being able to have a parent-child connection, and not being there for their children.