PDA against the rules at Dobie

Reina Huff and Kylie Galan

Middle school is the time when people start having actual crushes and start liking someone. They call each other they boyfriend/girlfriend and start actually act like they’re dating. But, when they show public affection to each other at school, it can get awkward and gross. And, it’s against the rules. 

Mrs. Hecox, eighth grade math teacher says she does not approve of PDA. “PDA is not appropriate for school,” she said. “If PDA is happening usually, it should be addressed at home, but a write up is appropriate. You should also respect yourself enough and not have PDA issues at this age.”

The consequences from PDA can range from just a simple warning or ISS.  So what are the consequences in PDA? “It would depend on how severe it was, I’d probably talk to them and address it first and tell them to respect each other.”
Hecox said.

Many teachers and students say they have witness PDA. “Absolutely. Too much. It is very inappropriate and should be taken care of by Lunch D Hall, or a write up.”said Mrs.Hadas, career portals teacher.