Dobie sports a big part of school

Reina Huff, Staff Reporter

Dobie starts their new school year off with their new football and volleybalseason. September 8 marked a new beginning for volleyball players. The cheerleaders represent Dobie, and the school spirit we have and how proud we are of being a member of Dobie Junior High.

“How does it feel to be on the Dobie volleyball team?” Jayden Hicks,7th grader said, “ It feels great. I get to go to tournaments on the weekend and play against other schools in Texas.”

Dobie has a good history with our sports and athletic program, so we have very good members. “How was the first game?” “It was awesome. I made a point and did most of the serving.” said Jayden Hicks.

“Did you guys win?” “Yes B team seventh grade volleyball won.”

Nia McPherson, Dobie Junior High eighth grade cheerleading captain is very excited about this year.

“How does it feel to be captain of the Dobie Junior High cheer team?” “It’s a lot of fun it’s very different from last year.”

“How is it different from last year?” “It is different being one of the older girls and it’s fun being able to teach them the cheers.

Since cheerleaders represent Dobie, they are a big part of what our school seems to be to other people.

How does it feel to represent Dobie? “It is very rewarding. It’s nice getting to be one of the first things that come to mind when you think about Dobie Junior High.