Personal view: Christmas means more than Santa

Joseph Kinkade

Joseph Kinkade

Joseph Kinkade, Staff reporter

Almost everyone’s favorite holiday is Christmas but not everyone knows what it is about.

When people think of Christmas they think of Santa, presents, sitting by the fire, and family. Christmas isn’t all about those things. Christmas is a holiday that celebrates Jesus’ birth over 2,000 years ago.

Santa is a fictional character based on a monk named St. Nicholas who lived a very long time ago. Every Christmas Eve he would bring gifts of money or toys to the homes of well-behaved children. Everyone can agree that when they think of Santa they think of a jolly overweight man with a red suit and Christmas hat.

Many people travel to see family or they have family come to them. The average person travels 275 miles during the Christmas holiday. That’s a lot of traveling!

Genevieve Vega, 7th grader, says she goes to her grandma’s house every year.

“Hopefully I get to go to Rockford , Illinois to see my dad’s side of the family.

”Says Vega. When it’s Christmas time you normally see Santa Claus everywhere. At this age not believe in Santa Claus.Jaida Osborne, 7th grader, says she believes in Santa Claus though. “He eats too many cookies” Osborne says. Vega says she doesn’t believe in Santa Claus. “He was like my everything when I was younger but now I could care less.” says Vega. Jaida Osborne, 7th grader, says “Santa is not a 400 year old man who flies around the world in one night he was a man who gave gifts to children while he was alive.”

Osborne says she doesn’t believe in Santa Claus. But she says “ He’s a good way to support good behavior habits among young children.”There are many things that people celebrate during this time of the year. Whether it be Christmas or something else. What does your family celebrate this time of the year?