Personal view: ’13 Reasons Why’ is my favorite show


Abcde Vilano

My favorite Netflix show is Thirteen Reasons Why because it shows that anyone could get hurt by other people without physically hurting them. It teaches you that a person could feel a certain way and not show it at all. It makes you think of other people’s lives and how every little thing you do to a person could really affect their lives.

The reason why it is my favorite show is for these three reasons, it teaches you to be kind to others, 13 reasons why taught me that if I notice an individual is feeling down or depressed I need to talk to them or let a person such as a parent know. It also taught me to watch what I say or do to another because it could really hurt them and bring them down.

Let me start off with Hannah Baker. Hannah baker is in high school along with all the rest of the characters I will introduce, She is a smart girl that is really depressed. Hannah doesn’t show how depressed she really is until she commits suicide to herself.

Clay Jensen is the shy boy, he is also the one in love with Hannah but didn’t realize it until after she had killed herself. Justin is the jerk, he’s the one that pretended to like Hannah and once he had her wrapped around his finger he played her and told the whole school a bunch of stuff happened between the two when nothing happened besides a kiss.

Zach is the the Asian jock that was in the wrong place at the wrong time and didn’t do anything but hung out with the wrong kids just to please them. Jeff Aikins the good looking/nice jock, one of Clays good friends, all he wanted was to play baseball maintain good grades and help get Clay the girl he wanted (Hannah).

Alex is the new kid just like Hannah, yet he hung out with the bad kids just so he wouldn’t be considered weird, Alex was a friend of Hannah’s that was really hurt by her death so he shot himself. Jessica is the backstabber she used Hannah’s friendship for popularity and starts dating the guy who hurt Hannah, Justin Foley.

Hannah made 13 tapes explaining why she killed herself. Each tape was  meant for another person that hurt her. Each person involved with a tape was the only people meant to listen to these tapes made by Hannah Baker.

Justin had asked Hannah to hang out at the park, while they were at the park he snapped a picture of them both and the next day sent it to everybody at the school. He also said a bunch of sexual stuff happened between the two when nothing in that nature happened at all.

 Jessica and Alex, Hannah’s closest friends ditched her and started dated until Jessica didn’t want to do certain things with him so Alex made a list saying Hannah had the best of something that Jessica had the worst of.

Clay worked with Hannah at the Crestmont Theatre and was in love with her, she knew it too. Hannah says Clay was different from the others. He wasn’t like Justin, He really cared about Hannah and when Hannah died a little piece of Clay died as well. Clay gets these weird flashbacks. While he is listening to these tapes made by Hannah he sees flashbacks of the times him and Hannah and him spent together.

As of Hannah’s parents, they never got a note as to why Hannah committed suicide and all they wanted to do was find a reason why. They had no idea about these tapes made by Hannah, so her mother and father were really confused and hurt by the fact they didn’t know why Hannah would do such a horrible thing.

I like this show because it shows that anyone might seem okay but could be really hurt deep down emotionally. In the show Hannah is known as the most happiest girl in the school, that itself shows that just about anyone goes through terrible things that make them want to hurt themselves in an non positive way.

Thirteen reasons why makes me sad because the fact Hannah committed suicide didn’t only hurt her but it also affected everyone else she knew.  People that didn’t even know Hannah Baker personally just knew of her because they had her in a certain class etc. were all really sad about what had happened.

I watch at least one episode a night because there is only 13 episodes and I don’t want to finish the show too soon because I really like it and don’t want to finish it. This show should be watched (maybe instead of watched showed) in school because it taught me a lot about watching my actions and what I do that may affect another. You never really know what someone else is going through so you shouldn’t just pick on another person just for the attention of your friends or whoever you are trying to please.


According to Alexus Anaya, “this series should be watched by all kids because it teaches kids of all ages to watch what they do or say to the people around them.”

Ethan Bowman says that “This show is important because not many people realize what they are saying or doing is affecting a person and that person could do something like what Hannah did and the person that caused it can’t take anything back until it’s too late..”

Morgan Johnson states “Many people in today’s society do crazy stuff such as Hannah Baker because of the little things that you might not think matter at the moment but if you think about it, every little thing you do affects another’s life and this Netflix series really proves that point,”

According to Jersey Solorzano “This show helped me by making me think about the person I am and due to that a little piece of me has changed. I ain’t that rude girl I use to be anymore because seeing it from Hannah’s view I  was Jessica Davis and that ain’t no good thing.”  
Kali Perez said “This show was a big topic around school, someone will do something weird and a random kid will say something stupid like “don’t pull a Hannah baker” I know it’s just a show but why joke about death? This show did way more than just that I noticed less girl on girl crime. I assume it’s because everyone has been watching this show and now understands what others are going through besides themselves,”