My first days at Dobie

On March 31st, I had my first day at Dobie Junior High School. I moved here with my family through the Army. We drove from Washington state on March 18th, at 5am. So far, I like most of the classes and people, including the teachers. After getting my classes from Ms. Navarro, a JS2S student helped me find all my classes for the first day of school. She introduced me to my teachers.


1st period, I have Mrs. PJ, the fist bumping was definitely new, but it was fun.  2nd period, I have science with Mrs. A. I came from a school where we did labs everyday and did lots of hands-on activities, so this is a little different because here, we mainly do notes and assignments. 3rd, I have Mrs. Muha,  Mrs. Muha just had a baby, so we have a long term substitute, Mrs. Eveland. She is very sweet, and always asks me how i’m doing.


Next, I have Mrs. Hecox for math. Mrs. Hecox is really funny and teaches in depth, which i’m not used to because my old math teacher didn’t go into depth like her. Before lunch, I have Mrs. Swanson for 5th period. Her class is easy, I  just read short stories and listen to her talk.


After lunch, I have cougar time. My old school didn’t have this. Its pretty useful to get my math homework done. 7th period, I have Ms. Dane, for choir. I do like singing, but mostly, I like the people in that class. They welcomed me into their class and I felt like I  belonged there! Lastly, I have Mrs. Behnsch for tech apps, and she yells a lot at our class. Doing photoshop is really fun and it is intriguing to me. I enjoy using the computers everyday.


The first few days were a little rocky because this school is very different than my old school. I got lost a few times between classes but, after about a week, I finally introduced myself to a few girls in my choir class and ended up really hitting it off!  I feel better about moving now that I have friends I can hang out with and talk to instead of sitting alone.


I’m excited to have a clean slate and a new beginning at this school. I’m also really glad that I moved here towards the end of the year instead of in the summer, so that i can meet people to hang out with. I’m ready to finish the year off right in a new place with new people.