Student spotlight: Shayreen Thompson


Anika Barajas , Staff Reporter

On Dec, 5,2002 a girl named Shayreen Thompson was born in Japan. She lived there for three years.

Her time there was  spectacular especially the scenery. She had a really great time there with her dad and family. Thompson later moved to Texas and is now a student at Dobie Jr High.

Thompson is really  unique. She  loves to take pictures. She got inspired her big sister because when she was small all what her big sister did was take pictures of her or what was around her. The pictures that Thompson takes are all of the amazing moments she has everywhere she goes. She says she has to “capture the moment.”

Her favorite colors are mint green and lavender because they remind her of the old vintage cars. “The colors pop out and they look so cool,” Thompson said.  

Thompson’s family lives in Singapore and she loves to go visit. It’s her favorite country because she gets to see her family and look at the sunset. “It’s really gorgeous; I love the colors of the sunset and how  blue, yellow and orange  mix together while the sun sets in the horizon,” she said.

“Being you and helping others or doing what you love is the greatest feeling ever if you’re ever feeling like your life is horrible,” Thompson said. “It’s all about you and how you can fix it and make it amazing for you and others. Always be confident.”