Back To School

Alvin N., Staff Reporter

Back to School @ Dobie

By: Alvin Nguyen

Written on 8/31/16


August 22, 2016 was the first day of the school year at Dobie Jr. High School. It was a very unsettling day to start off the school year with the pouring rain throughout the day and the long traffic at Dobie, but all the students entered the school to and sat down to their first lesson of what Dobie was.

There were many changes that happened over the summer, that led Deja Jones a 7th grader, to be confused on where to get to their classes. She’s not the only one. With construction knocking on everyone’s doorstep, it could be a bit annoying to some people. However, for some including Andrew Gilman, it lets them know that this school will still grow and that there will be many improvements that happen to this school.

With the many, many changes to the school, it leads some kids, even returning 8th graders, confused. There is a change to the schedule that leads some kids to scratch their heads in astonishment. There are the new hallways, new cafeteria, new criteria, and the new classes for many students in the school.

Deja and Andrew also had some recommendations to the school. Deja said, “I would to have a separate bus for everyone, and I would prefer a longer lunch period. Andrew on the other hand, said, “There’s not that much could be changed. However, there is one recommendation, and that there should better teachers or a better cafe area.”