First volleyball games yield wins


Dobie’s first volleyball game for 8th grade A team and B team both savored sweet victories for their first matches of the season. The teams played Dobie’s sister school, Corbett Jr. High School.

The teams were anxious. With hearts pounding in their chests they approached the court.

Celine Valerio, 8th grader, plays middle back for the A Team. She said she is “very excited” about this season, but she was nervous for the first game. Valerio was scared to be on the court again.

Players have to have their heads in the game and be ready for anything.  “It was very nerve racking.” said Valerio. “It was the first game. You don’t know how the other team is going to play.” Players have to have their heads in the game and be ready for anything.

The 8th graders played at Dobie on September 5. A team’s score was 25-17, B team’s score was 25-14.

Jayden Lark, plays a little bit of everything, but she manly plays middle back for B team. “The scores were good,” says Lark.

Being on a team is something special. You have to put your heart and soul into every serve, every spike, every time your hands meet the ball.

Kimora Iron Shield plays middle and outside for the 8th grade A team.

Everyone has their goals for life, players have their goals for the team. Kimora Iron Shield said she hopes the team can do even better in the future. “I think the scores could have been higher,” said Iron Shield. “If we communicated more and moved our feet, the scores could have been much higher.”