Personal view: First day of school was typical

Personal view: First day of school was typical

Jaida Osborne, Editor

When I woke up on August 28, the first day of school, I was nervous because I didn’t know who my teachers were. I was afraid I wouldn’t know where to go, and I was scared that I wouldn’t find my friends.

I took the bus to school and once I got off of the bus I went into the school and tried to find my friends so I wouldn’t be as nervous. Once I found my friends we went to look at the list to see if we had the same second period. I ended up not having anybody but once I got to second period I realized I knew most of the people there.

The first day was a little off so instead of going to third period after second, you would go to first. My first period is yearbook and I ended up having my best friend in there. I sat next to her and that ended up being our temporary assigned seat, that was my favorite part of the day.

I had art next so when the bell went off that’s where I went. Mrs. Harper, the art teacher, was really nice but she gave us assigned seats. I wasn’t really worried about who I was sitting with because the girl I was sat next to was really nice and she didn’t talk much which was good, so I can focus on working.

Fourth period I had Language Arts. My cousin was in that class so I had at least one person to talk to. Mrs. Higgins is my LA teacher and shes really funny and nice, which is good because I can’t work with mean or rude teachers. She’s very organized which is even better because it will help me learn better.

The longest period of the day for people who have second lunch is fifth period. For fifth period I have math which is helpful because i can get work done in class. The extra class time helps me have less homework so I can focus on any projects or other homework in other classes.

After lunch and cougar time I go to social studies. Social studies this year is my least favorite, because we are always doing notes and we never really learn anything if we are writing instead of focusing on what the teacher is saying. Taking so many notes can be helpful before tests because you have more to study so you can get a higher grade.

The last period of the day for me is choir. Choir is one of my favorite classes because I love to sing. I may not have many people to talk to but it helps me focus. The choir teacher, Mr. C, is my favorite because he’s funny when he’s not being serious and he’s very understanding.

Overall my first day wasn’t the best but it wasn’t the worst. I always have to remind myself that someone somewhere had a day that could be a hundred times worse than mine. Reminding myself helps me stay positive and try even harder the next day.