Dobie’s back to school all about change

Record enrollment this year fills halls and classrooms


Mrs. P.J.

Students sit in overflow area before school.

Elisa Paredez, Alia Simpson, and Jayden Hicks

Dobie welcomed a record 1,259 students on the first day of school, August 28.  Many students are new to Dobie —  7th graders and new students who transferred from different school or states walked the Dobie halls for the first time.  There are many changes this year for everyone.

Micaela Nelson, 8th grader,  said she has noticed changes already. “School was weird, because the friends you saw last year you don’t really talk to,” she said when asked about her first days of school.

Halle Walker ,8th grader, said “First week of school has been good because I like seeing all my friends again.” Although students love to get together with friends it can easily get out of hand when they group together it makes a mass crowd. With everyone getting together, the students tend to get chaotic and there will be potential consequences.

Dobie administrators began the year by using student assemblies to inform students about the rules and expectations for the year, saying the procedures were needed in order to keep everyone safe, especially because of the high enrollment and limited space. One of the changes requires students to use lockers. Another change is that students are not permitted to take backpacks to their classes. The passing period is now five minutes so that students can go to their lockers between classes, since teachers are not supposed to let students go to their lockers during class.

The requirement of ID’s at Dobie isn’t new, but the process for checking them and giving students consequences is. Students are checked at the door each morning and they are not allowed to enter the building without an ID. If they don’t have an ID, they get a sticker to notify teachers that they will have lunch detention.