Personal view: new changes at Dobie are helpful but very extreme

Olivia Thomas, Editor

We’ve had a lot more rules this year. Rules such as lockers, lunch seating, bus arrangements and the teachers seem to be kind of strict. I believe some of these rules benefit us; they help a lot but they are still a little extreme.

First, let’s talk about lockers. I think lockers are very helpful but have a few problems, such as carrying around backpacks are very stressful to a classmates back, it is also dangerous because with a bunch of book bags and teachers can trip over them and fall. But having lockers have some issues such as you are more likely going to forget something.

For example, I forgot my journalism notebook and since I was unable to go get it I had to use a piece of loose notebook paper and I  lost it that day. I also have a problem because my last class is in a portable so I have to practically run to my locker, get all my stuff and run to the bus almost missing it. So the rules have some faults, but overall they help us.

Next is lunch seating where we have to sit in our teams. I believe it is kind of hard on us because my friends don’t have any of my classes so I can’t sit with them because they are on different teams. Lunch is meant for us to eat of course but I liked to think it was to socialize with my friends but we are unable to connect and talk. But don’t get me wrong, I believe it has calmed down the lunch room and is a lot more quiet. Overall I think they are being a little extreme with this problem.

Also have you noticed that all the staff are being a lot more strict this year? The are enforcing out the dress code. I wore one of those shirts that hang on your shoulders. I checked on the Dobie official site and even took a screenshot of the dress code so if I got in trouble I could show them that it was in fact not even violating the dress code. Of course I got dress-coded and I even told them about the screenshot but they said not to take my phone out and I had to change.

The also are making us always wearing our IDs. I believe that it is okay to wear them when we walk into the school but I don’t believe we should have to wear it throughout the day. So if your don’t have your ID, you get a name tag and a detention. I believe that they are being a little too strict with these rules.

Last but definitely not least, the bus arrangement. It is really difficult to catch my bus. My last period is in a portable and it is really difficult. I really think that it isn’t the best choice for the school. I think it would be easier to have us in the lunchroom like last year.

I believe some of the rules are okay and actually help a lot. But a lot of them are very extreme and really hard to deal with.